Reigning league champions take on Phoenix for first away league game of 2016 season


Current triple league winners Peterborough phantoms are due to take on the Manchester Phoenix on the 8th May at Deeside Ice rink at 4pm this Sunday.

Phantoms starting line up sees them without previous attacking forward Tyler Christopher who left to join Cardiff Huskies at the end of the last season followed closely by defender Johnathon LeGouladec. Many would agree that this might leave Phantoms slightly weaker than last year however the return of Garry Farmer from his year in Australia & with the Scott Turner joining from Huskies makes the loss of the goal scoring Christopher not so much an issue.

Farmer is the strongest player in the BSHA league and with his years of playing experience mixed with his high level of fitness he’s able to be the pivot point in any team that can go from defending one minute to an attacking threat the next.

Adding Framer & Turner to the Phantoms almost gives them a full GB starting line up with Gaze in nets, Brown and Farmer able to operate in defence together and 3 GB forwards in Turner, Coleman & Warner gives them possibly the strongest starting line up in the league when all 5 are available.

This weekend see’s Phantoms fielding a pretty decent starting 5 only missing Ian Warner (GB Captain) from being at their strongest along with a decent bench with one of the leagues most promising players in Kieran O’Meara.

At only 18 years of age this is Kieran’s 2nd season and having been on a steep learning last season he’s developing in to one of the leagues best talents and defiantly one to watch.

Game face off this weekend is at Deeside Ice Rink at 4pm. Entry is FREE so if you in the erea why not pop in a catch the opening game of the BSHA 2016 League Season.

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