#29 O’Meara

  • Born (age)
  • LocationPeterborough
  • Squad Number29
  • Debut date

Kieran O’Meara.

I got involved in Sledge Hockey, after seeing their “Bum in a Bucket” session, this is where I met Matt Coleman.  He invited me to come along to the main training session, but being only 14 I was too young to play in the league, so sadly I decided to give it up for a few years until I was old enough.

I started with the team in early 2015, where Darren Brown and Matt Coleman helped in teaching me all I needed to know for my first season as a Phantom!  With every training session, and travelling to different clubs to get more ice time, my skills started to improve quickly.

When the season started, I started to make a name for myself with all of the teams in the league, by making some huge hits and scoring some good goals, as well as setting up a few!  I have also been invited join in with the Great Britain training sessions, as well as the selected GB Top Guns team later in the year at Poland.  I hope to show other able bodied players that if you set the bar high, you can play with the elite players too!

Time to see what 2016 Brings!