Phantoms v Sheffiled Steelkings, 4hrs till face off & we have no keeper, let the search begin!

So far the season has gone swimmingly… 2 games 2 wins a perfect start. It could only go down hill from here couldn’t it.

The squad was finalised and we planned on taking a weakend side to the city of steel given they were still a team in their infancy in only their 2nd league season and it was a perfect chance to give the lesser experienced guys on the team a lot more ice time and build up some game confidence.

I awoke to a rash of Facebook messages…

“Dave’s had to drop out unwell and we had no keeper”

“Really whats up with him, has he been on the lash”

“No he’s def not well and can’t play”

“Do we know if Rob can step in…”

“I’ll text him but he wasn’t expecting to be playing so I would imagine he has plans”

“Rob……….. I er don’t suppose…..”

“No chance, Ibby would kill me…”


So the hunt was on, we need a keeper who can…. well sit upright i assume. An hour later and Kieran had the situation under control and a friend from stand up hockey Mitch had been handed the hot… well icy seat between the sticks. This was gonna be an experience, not quite sure itwas gonna bu fun but what the hell what’s the worst that could happen…


Fast forward 2 hours and… WTF… as Steel Kings had a rushed clearance deep within their own blue line as we watched it slip, slide & bobble down the ice almost in slow motion as it passed each player just out of reach of each ones grasp. Slowing as it reached the keeper it would be Mitch’s first touch of the puck…. OR WOULD IT!

NOOOOOOOOOO…. NOOOOOOOOOO…. oh my god. The team that had so far failed to score in their 2 opening games of the BSHA 2016 League had scored from so far out the puck required it’s own immigration papers. Steel Kings for the first time in their history were leading a game and this just instilled more grit & determination as they now had something to cling on to. Phantoms were behind time to dig in…

Check out the Steel Kings 1st goal of the 2016 season. Good goal guys but poor Mitch, his first ever experience of sledge & he had a regular players sledge so he couldn’t slide sideways and he had a regular players stick. The omens weren’t great but after the first goal he was solid.


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