About Para Ice Hockey

Para Ice Hockey came about from two friends in Sweden during the early 1960s, who through their love of Ice Hockey and the desire to continue playing despite their physical disabilities, they designed a sledge from a metal frame, with two skating blades under the seat. They topped this off by designing the hockey sticks from two round poles, with bike handles at one end to control the puck.

Despite the number of years that has passed, the basic design is still very much the same, but with some added technological advancements, such as the sledges being lighter and being custom built to the individual, or the hockey sticks looking more like a hockey stick rather than a stick from Lord of the Rings.

The rules of Sledge Hockey is essentially the same as regular ice hockey, with only a few small differences based on the equipment and the physical disabilities involved. The only rule that is unique to Sledge hockey is Teeing, which is basically charging an opponent using any part of the front of the sledge, this is considered a no no!

Sledge Hockey continues to grow in both the UK and the rest of the world, with it being recognised as one of the most dynamic sports available to those with or without a disability, so why not get involved, no experience necessary!